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Enhance your home with roofing services provided by Hired Guns Restoration in Spring & Magnolia, TX

Is your house in dire need of our roofing services? Experts at Hired Guns Restoration can arrive at your house or apartment building and begin to repair your roof-or in some cases, replace it.

When you need roofing in Spring or Magnolia, TX, call us before you call anyone else. Not only can we swiftly diagnose and explain the problem, but we'll also provide you with a free inspection of the roof and its issues.

Call 281-918-7663 right now to start benefitting from our roofing services in Spring or Magnolia, TX.

Hire a roofing expert to put your house back on track

Hire a roofing expert to put your house back on track

If you need roofing services in Spring or Magnolia, TX, reach out to us so we can get started immediately. We can work on houses as well as commercial locations like retail stores, warehouses and offices. We also have a tile expert who can provide guidance and expertise on tile roofs.

Not sure if you need to call us? You'll know you need our roofing services when you notice:

  • Granules collecting in your gutter
  • Moisture seeping through your roof
  • Missing or broken shingles and tiles
  • Small or large holes in your roof
  • Discrepancies in your energy bills

Our roofing services also include top-notch warranties. Laminated shingles have a 50-year warranty and our roof installations have a 25-year warranty.

Contact us now to find out more about our long-lasting warranties and durable roof installations.