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Siding Contractor Conroe TX

Trusted Local Siding Company

Siding Contractor Conroe Tx

If you need siding replaced or repaired near Conroe, Texas, our company, Hired Guns Home Services, proudly stands as your reliable roof replacement company and siding contractor with over 16 years of experience. Our trusted company’s long history of excellence has secured its reputation as the preferred choice for all siding needs. We offer residential and commercial siding installation with various siding materials. We remain undefeated in quality craftsmanship and reliability, with a commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate!

Our specialty at Hired Guns is transforming the appearance of your home and boosting curb appeal. Our expertise in siding installation services is incomparable, ensuring your home’s exterior is beautiful and well-protected. Whether you prefer the classic, homey charm or a more sleek and modern look, our skilled professionals deliver precise craftsmanship. The result is a seamless finish that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also provides the durability and protection it deserves.

Your Home Siding Options

Siding can fall victim to damage from various sources, such as heavy rain, pests, or the passage of time. We offer professional siding installation, repair and replacement services to correct and fix these issues quickly and effectively. Our team is adept at diagnosing and resolving various siding problems, ensuring your siding is restored to its former glory. Regular maintenance is vital to extend the life of your siding, and we provide solutions that require minimal maintenance, helping you save time and cut the cost of future siding projects.

Our siding team at Hired Guns recognizes that homeowners have a wide variety of preferences and needs regarding siding materials. We offer a comprehensive selection, including wood siding and a variety of other exterior siding options:

Fiber Cement Siding:

A common choice for Texas homes, this durable, non-combustible, and damage-resistant material is cost-effective and long-lasting.

Vinyl Siding:

Engineered from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, vinyl siding models itself of previously wood or aluminum siding types such as clapboard or batten board.

Aluminum Siding:

Completely waterproof, insect and pest-resistant, and cannot be damaged by mold or mildew.

Brick Siding:

Also known as brick veneer, this siding option offers a classic look with remarkable durability and relatively low maintenance.

Wood Siding:

Wood siding adds warmth and character to your home while offering excellent insulation properties.

Siding can upgrade your home’s appearance and protect against harsh elements and pests. We highlight the importance of regular maintenance to preserve the beauty and functionality of your current siding. Our exceptional siding solutions provide expert guidance on upkeep, helping you extend the lifespan of your siding and reduce the need for a complete siding replacement in the future.

The Go-To Siding Contractors Near Me

Siding Contractor Near Me Conroe Tx

Our team at Hired Guns Home Services is committed to excellence and proudly holds the title of the top siding contractor with excellent customer service. With years of experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have made ourselves the trusted choice among homeowners in our community. Whether you require siding installation, repairs, or assistance selecting the suitable siding material, we deliver quality, reliability, and exceptional service throughout the entire process. Our company’s wide range of siding services and materials ensures that your home’s exterior looks stunning and remains well-protected. Hired Guns is the name you can rely on for minimal maintenance and maximum appeal. Call us today to get started!

What types of siding materials are available?
Lifetime Warranty covers Edco, Hardie, & our designer metal products. We offer Vinyl Wood LP Smart Siding James Hardie(of all styles) Edco You pretty much name it we do it. Over 1000 Siding jobs since we added it to our list of services just a few years ago.
How long does siding last?
When properly installed, up to 60 years or more if its vinyl! Also depends on the type of siding you are considering. Wood doesn’t endure as long and needs to be maintained regularly to ensure its effectiveness over time.
Can siding increase my home’s value?
Yes, new siding can increase your home’s curb appeal and potentially its resale value. It’s considered a worthwhile investment in home improvement.
How do I know when it’s time to replace my siding?
Signs that it’s time to replace your siding include visible damage (cracks, warping, rot), increased heating or cooling bills (indicating poor insulation), and fading color.
How do I maintain my siding after installation?
Maintenance varies by material. Vinyl siding requires occasional washing, while wood siding may need regular staining or painting.